canoeing the st.mary's river in nova scotia

The St Mary's River offers over 56 kilometres of white water free canoeing and kayaking.

In fact according to Sport Nova Scotia, the St Mary's is one of Canadas' top 10 canoeing rivers. There is some fast water but no white water and the rapids in the lower part of the river are easily avoided. For those of us with young children the St Mary's provides many great places to swim and tube in a remarkably pleasant, safe environment.

Occasional small islands and many little coves are perfect for picnic stops. Where streams and brooks flow into the river you are virtually guaranteed to catch a few brook trout for a wonderful shore lunch. As you glide down river water birds including herons and pipers work the shallows while Bald eagles and Ospreys soar overhead in an unpolluted sky.

St Marys River is ideal for kayaking with a family. Along the shore in many places old growth forest hugs the bank. If you are quiet and watch carefully you will frequently see beaver, mink, muskrats and deer as you slip silently by in your canoe.

Do not be surprised if you come across a brown bear foraging along the shore! When it comes to pristine wilderness, I know of few places on this planet that have more to offer than the St Mary's River and its magnificent valley.

Pitch a tent or park the RV, just don't forget the canoe.