survey marker lot st.mary's river

Post Acquisition Interview with Owner Mr.Graziano of Tampa, FL.

How did you discover the St Mary`s Riverside Subdivision in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia?

A: I Google`d `riverfront property nova scotia` - the website was near the top of Page 1.

What did you think of the website compared to other property sites?

A: As soon as I clicked on the homepage, I knew that the offering was as advertised and that the people involved were professionals.

What made you choose St Mary`s over the competition in the area?

A: I was looking for a sizable riverfront property which was off the beaten track. The pricing of St Mary`s Riverside was competitive.

Have you bought recreational or residential property in other parts of the world?

A: Yes

How did you find communications with Smithfield Estates (Sarah Robinson and team)?

A: Sarah was a pleasure to deal with during the decision process which made me feel confident in making a deposit before seeing the lot. Her family were very helpful to guide us to the property and provide a tour in March.

Once you viewed the properties - was the website an accurate representation of the real thing?

A: The properties are magnificent - it`s a challenge to show the real beauty on the web. I have suggested arial video clips as a possible improvement to the presentation.

How did find the documentation Purchase Agreement?

A: I asked my lawyer in the USA to check the documents and his comments were few. The documents were simple and clear, which was appreciated.

Picture above is Lori Graziano, daughter of Mr.Graziano who also purchased a lot on their visit.

How did find the services of the Canadian lawyer who was recommended to represent you for the transaction?

A: He did a great job.

Would you recommend Smithfield Estates and their properties to other buyers?

A: Absolutely.