Sherbrooke Village Nova Scotia

St Mary's River runs through the heart of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia.

Sherbrooke is a picturesque small town with a population of about 400 people. Located in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Sherbrooke is famous regionally for being the home of Sherbrooke Historical Village, the largest museum in Nova Scotia. The community takes its name from Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, a colonial era Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia.

The lifestyle is centered around the pristine nature of the St Mary's River & Valley.

Rated in the Top 10 Canoeing Rivers in Canada

The St Mary's River offers over 56 kilometres of white water free canoeing and kayaking. If you are quiet and watch carefully you will frequently see beaver, mink, muskrats and deer as you slip silently by in your canoe. For those of us with young children the St Mary's provides many safe places to swim.

A Culture of Conservation

Have you ever heard of a Wood Turtle? Well they exist and they are unique to the St Mary's River Valley. Since 2004 the St Mary's community has embraced the Wood Turtle project and the stewardships & learnings that have arisen from it. This project has benefitted Wood Turtles immediately and into the future. Slow and steady wins the race.

Bird Watching

Nova Scotia is home to 429 species of birds in 47 families. Along the banks of the West St Mary's River 104 bird species have been sighted and documented as recently as 2005. The varied terrain creates ideal habitat for 21 species of Warblers, 6 varieties of Woodpeckers and Flycatchers. Expect to see magnificent birds of prey including Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Hawks and King Fishers.

Camping & Fishing

Babe Ruth's career might have been considerably shortened had not one of the local guides, Dan MacIntosh, pulled him out of the Stewart Pool early in May just as he was going by the end of the boat.

Places to Stay in Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke Village Inn
Liscombe Lodge
Daysago Bed & Breakfast
St Mary's River Lodge