RVing in Nova Scotia

A couple years ago a friend of ours came back home from working out West, he'd heard we had developed some land along the St.Mary's and asked if we needed any help working the property. There was lots to do, so we started with getting the common river access and boat launch ready for summer visitors. We rented a really old RV, which we fondly call the Tioga. This old girl has logged some serious road time but she was still up to making the trip down HWY 348.

RV enthusiasts, the property is IDEAL for you folks. Rver's coming up from the US can take their time exploring New Brunswick, PEI and then head straight for Smithfield in Guysborough County. The property is 2.5 hrs from the airport and even less to Charlottetown PEI and Moncton, N.B.

Check out Sherbrooke